DataQubez has a singular purpose:

To instil in large enterprises a fundamentally new approach to decision making, one designed to not just match today’s incredible pace of change, but to help firms capitalize on it. We call it a new Art of Problem Solving .

Plan for outcomes and transformation in unison
Drive visibility across the problem universe
Encode problems in a way that promotes the best design
Account for interdependencies across analytics
Harmonize the creation and consumption of analytics

This isn’t another methodology. It’s a system – a series of habits, artifacts, and software – each of which must be continuously sharpened, but also applied daily to your problem solving work.

If applied in your environment, this system provides the ‘mojo’ that your company needs to move beyond just mitigating the risks of change, toward taking advantage of those risks.

But what about your day job?

Adopting a new Art of Problem Solving doesn’t replace your day job of solving specific problems. Instead, the two share a symbiotic relationship, each feeding off one another to help your organization make better decisions.

A harmony between Art of Problem Solving and Solving Specific Problems helps transform Decision Science in organizations

Organizations need to assemble the right mix of people, process and platforms to harmonize Solving Specific Problems and an Art of Problem Solving

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