We’re the world’s largest provider of analytics and decision science solutions.


And we work with the largest…

3 of the Top 5 US Airlines
8 of the Top 25 Global Food and Beverages companies
7 of the Top 20 US Commercial Banks
2 of the Top 3 US Healthcare Companies
8 of the Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Companies
2 of the Top 5 US Telecom Operators

In fact, 140 of the Fortune 500 are clients

But we see a larger need

To scale and systematize better decision-making

We call it

A New Art of Problem Solving

Because traditional methods can’t keep up with today’s pace of change.


Change is speeding up

In just 100 years, the airline industry has evolved from canvas wings to unmanned drones and 2.3 billion commercial passengers traveling each year

In just 10 years, an online college connection platform has grown into a social network that accounts for 22 billion collective
minutes of online activity each day

An art founded on three beliefs

You may not recognize them, because they’re the opposite of today’s approaches. These principles underpin all that we do.

Learning over knowing

Learning Over Knowing

Average companies compete based on knowledge and expertise. Better companies compete on their ability to learn. The best will compete on the speed and adaptability of their learning.

Extreme experimentation

Extreme Experimentation Over Expertise

If we can bring down the cost of experimentation – throwing many, many darts at the dartboard within the same budget and timeframe, then the probability of success will rise dramatically.

interdisciplinary perspectives

New IP Over Old IP

Enough with the isolated, protected approaches. The new IP is what we call interdisciplinary perspectives, built on the belief that ideas and thinking from different origins want to complete each other.

Consultant? Mathematician? Software Company?

Truth is, we're all of the above. We are Art, plus Science, done at Scale, Implemented as One.

DataQubez is a decision sciences company

We are a Decision Sciences Company

We’ll accelerate your journey from
data to decisions

DataQubez’s work with clients spans all levels of the decision support stack.

We wrap talented people in the bionics of our processes and platform, and
apply them to a cross-industry client base.

That’s our purpose

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